Friday, September 26, 2014


It has been a week for varied games.  On Wednesday evening I went to Dave Paterson’s shed for a game of Dead Man’s Hand.  Once again Dave amazed me with the quality of the terrain he puts out for his games.    My posse of 3 lawmen did not do that well in any of the 3 scenes we played losing a character in each of the first two games and two including my Sherif in the 3rd game.

View over the town

More of the town
On Thursday I took my collection of Pirates of the Caribbean ships along to Hugh Wilson’s and the 6 players played a series of 4 rounds of 2 player games each.  I umpired. The factions I can put out are the English, Americans, French, Spanish, Pirates and Cursed

Americans vs Spanish- Spanish won

Pirates vs French - French won
It was the first time I have used the ships.  I bought them several years ago when they were being sold off in my local discount bookshop.   I spent a few days last week building about 50 of the ships.  Over the series of games I added in more terrain and mysterious islands to the setups.  The Spanish and English both won 3 of their games. Everyone seemed to enjoy the simple rules and the ships look good.  We will try it again – next time I will add in unique treasures, crews and possibly personalities.

This Sunday I am putting on an August 1914 Bolt Action game.


  1. I have a ton of these pirate ships still unsold in Iains collection.

    I could let you have them for a song!

    Or perhaps the other players would like some for themselves.


  2. I bought a tin of those ships from Toysrus a few years ago. Surprisingly good models and the rules are simple enough to pick up in a few minutes.