Monday, February 26, 2018


On Sunday I went along to the Gothenburg Pub in Prestonpans for a 28mm Back of Beyond Central Asia extravaganza.  Tim Watson arranged the game and the scenario.  Most of the 11 players  provided troops and Tim, Colin Jack and Dave O'Brien provided the terrain players.  We used 1st edition Bolt Action with some elements from the 2nd edition.

It proved to be a classic multi-sided chaotic back stabbing encounter of the worst/best kind.   The winner of the game was Campbell Hardie who as the Emir of Bokhara holding the central mountain temple collected the largest pile of gold coins.  The most innovative unit was Ian Carter's Lewis gun equipped armoured elephant.  My Bolsheviks fought heroically against the combined forces of  Mr Ray's Whites and Bart's Poles.

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The lewis gun wielding armoured elephant

The other end of the table - David, Bill and Colin with Donald and Ian on the left.

Dai-Li Sun interviewing the Emir

Japanese invade from the lake

My armoured train blown up by Bart before I could even get steam up

Comrade Gilkristova encourages the troops