Thursday, May 26, 2016

Partizan 2016

This Sunday I went to Partizan at Newark.

Colin Jack presented a 28mm Bolt Action WWII display of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force engaging Italian RSI fascist units as the SESWC contribution.  Dave O’Brien, Ray Neal, Tim Watson and I supported Colin at the display.  We played the game for real and got to a draw mainly due to the Brazilians calling in American support.
Lots of great games at the show at its new venue in the Newark Showground.  The exhibition hall allowed more displays and traders to be present than the old venue at Kelham Hall.  It was big bright and airy with lots of space, better catering and more parking.
It was a good weekend.  We will be back.  Here are some of my photos.
French Indo-china 1954 - F8 Bearcat

Austrians vs Russians in 1812

Big VBCW game

Amazing Verdun fortress game

Superb Roman Vs Sassanid game

Ramilles 1707

Siege of Limerick

Our game Brazilians close up on the bridge of death

View from the other end of the column

Dave Imrie's Carlist Wars skirmish game

Brazilian armour on fire

Perry Brothers Syria 1941 game - superb models and terrain

SYW Peg Wars - troops all made from old fashioned washing pegs - Amazing!

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Here are some more photos of my most recent additions to my Napoleonic collection. 

To my French/Allied army I have added 5 Staff stands, 2 units of Dragoons, 2 units of Carabiniers and a unit of Bavarian light infantry skirmishers.  I also added 3 extra French infantry command stands so that I can field my Polish combined grenadier units as French.   Finally I added a further unit of Russian line infantry as one of my existing stands went missing.
I bought the figures ready painted from South Africa and I added some slight shading to the infantry and cavalry.  The staff were wonderfully painted and I left them as they were.  I rebased all the figures using MDF bases and Silflor tuffs from Warbases and Javis static grass.  The flags come from Warflags except the Russian infantry flags which come from the Napoleon Russian flag download.

Murat in a modest cosutme

Grouchy in a pre 100 days decisive moment

Prince Eugene

New French command

Bavarian light infantry based as skirmishesrs

Even more Russian line

French carabiniers

French dragoons

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I have not put up many reports in the past month as my close wargaming friend Hugh Wilson died suddenly at the beginning of April.  Hugh was recovering at home from an operation on his knee when he suffered a DVT.  It was completely unexpected.  Hugh was 55 and one of the younger members of our gaming group.  I cannot recall him ever being ill.

Hugh is a great loss to our gaming as he staged and built the terrain used in some of our best ever games as you can read in my blog reports.

He was a very good friend, a great enthusiast, who will be very sadly missed.

A happy Hugh presenting Bart with a wooden spoon at one of his games.

Bart Zynda  has written a report on this sad news with photos of many of Hugh’s gaming tables see