Sunday, August 23, 2015


My wife and I went to Paris this week to celebrate our anniversary and we included a trip to Les Invalides.  At the Musee de L'Armee we visited the pre WWI sections - I will get to the 20th century sections on our next trip.   Here are a few photos from our visit

The massive tomb of Napoleon in the domed church

Tomb of  Marchal Foch in the domed church

Armour of Henri IV

Electronic table display of Austerlitz



Siege of Paris 1870

St Louis Cathedral with some unusual trophy standards

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I had an enjoyable day at Claymore.  Attendance seemed to be up at just over 800.  Good to see so many familiar faces and chat to people.   Building work by the College meant that there was no internal link between to the 2 halls so wargamers were forced into the fresh air of the College garden to get between the halls.  So it was a good thing we only had 5 minutes of rain.  The building work also forced the B&B to move out of its normal room to the rear entrance which was not a good location as there was simply not enough space. 
Kirriemuir - 2nd St Albans

Leuchars - WWI Dardanelles 1915
I had an interesting time as one of the judges for the games.  Here are the results

Best display game

1st - Leuchars – World War One Dardanelles

2nd – League of Augsburg – Great Northern War

Commended - Kirriemuir – 2nd St Albans

Commended – Dave Imrie – English Civil War

Best pp game

1st – Sally Forth  - Very British Civil War

2nd – Glasgow Games Group – Jurassic park

Commended -  Bathgate – Terror of Monkey Island

All my photos with descriptions at

Falkirk - Tank War PP game - enjoyed by all the parents

Bloodbowl PP game

Sally Forth - VBCW PP game

D Imrie at his ECW game

League of Augsburg - Great Northern War - toasting their 2nd place

Bart Zynda has put up a report on his blog with a link to more photos at