Saturday, March 27, 2021


 As I said in my last Seven Years War/Imagination collection update I have been working on more units and they are now all based.  Here are photos of them - the Prussian 35th/36th combined grenadiers and Von Kleist's Green Grenzers, the Reichsarmee  Brandenburg-Bayreuth cuirassiers and additionally some Palatinate artillery.  I still have to add the standard I designed to the cuirassiers.  The 35th/36th is my fourth and last Prussian combined grenadier battalion and all from fusilier regiments.  Next addition will be two Prussian musketeer battalions and a detachment of French light troops.

As before they were painted by my friend Kevin Bowman and my contribution was the basing.  They are all Front Rank figures and the uniform details came from the great Kronoskaf website.