Saturday, August 3, 2019


This Saturday I was at Claymore 2019 in Edinburgh.  Our Group the Gothenburg Gamers put on my Playmobil 75mm Wild West PP Game.  I think we played 5 to 6 games overall using a simplified version of Legends of the Old West.  All in all a successful enjoyable day for the 6 of us that attended.  Every player, even parents, went away with a packet of Milky Bar chocolate drops. My one buy of the day was the Warlord Bolt Action D-Day Overlord Campaign book.

The number of visitors seemed to be less than previous years.  Here are a few photos of games at the show and below is a link to all my photos on Flickr

Our Playmobil game - quiet end of our table - towns folk and posses

Some of the team -LtoR Tim, myself, Donald, Dave  missing Colin and Mr Ray

Lawman posse, friendly Injuns and the Loco

SESWC - 1866 Battle of Gitschen by Gerry Henry

Kirriemuir - Dead Mans Hand

Very nice League of Augsburg display - I love that mortar 

Iron Brigade Sudan - impressive fortlet

Falkirk - Falklands - the SAS raid on Pebble Island