Friday, August 30, 2013


I did not get any wargames played this week so as I said before I have continued to work away on my Napoleonic and AWI collections.  All of these new figures I bought on Ebay and I have simply matt varnished and rebased them.
I have added 2 battalions of 36 Old Guard Grenadiers to my Napoleonic French army. 
Battalion of  Old Guard Grenadiers - Elite figures - GMB flag
For the AWI I have added light dragoons and a small line battalion to my British army and some light dragoons to my American army.  all of these figures are by Front Rank.  I have also won a further 2 units of militia to boost the Patriot army.   I plan to try a 28mm AWI game of Maurice in the next few weeks.

Small BP British line infantry unit -  I will use them as a Loyalist unit - flag adapted from Warflags

Light Dragoons - the Death or Glory boys - still to add some form of  unofficial standard

Dismounted Light Dragoons

1st Continental Light Dragoons - brown with green facings - still need to add a standard

Dismounted 1st Continental Light Dragoons

My main project at the moment is building up an Austrian Napoleonic Army but I will report on its progress  at a later date.

Monday, August 19, 2013


On Thursday I went to Colin Jack’s for a game set somewhere in Japan in the 16th century and involved two factions of Samurai led by Colin and Dave O’Brien against a joint force of Samurai and Portuguese foot led by myself and Mr Ray Neal.  All the 28mm figures and terrain were supplied by Colin and the rules we used were Gleaming Katanas which are a variant of Blackpowder.

One of Colin's collection of Japanese buildings
 On our left wing Mr Rays Portuguese advanced slowly with his arquebusiers engaging Colin’s infantry who had taken cover in a field.  On our right my cavalry infantry force engaged Dave’s similar command.
Colin's troops advance from field against the Portuguese-  Dave and my troops clash to their left
I threw my infantry into action first and they did badly against Dave however as they fell back they opened up a gap which allowed my cavalry to advance and drive of  all of Dave’s cavalry.  Colin’s troops advanced from the field where they were being hit by the Portuguese fire and drove back the Portuguese but the Portuguese recovered and all of Colin’s front line units became shaken.  With my cavalry now threatening Dave’s rear the game was declared a victory for me and Mr Ray. 

The struggle with the Portuguese
For the game I simplified the troop ratings removing some of the Useful rules which had been added to the troop types.  One change we will make in future games is to downgrade the morale of Ashigaru and upgrade the hand to hand dice of foot Samurai.   I will also check what rules we can use from Pike and Shot which are appropriate to Gleaming Katanas.  All photos courtesy of Dave O’Brien
End situation - Dave' red infantry now at the mercy of my victorious cavalry

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I have continued to work away on my Napoleonic collection.  I bought 5 extra Foundry painted French command  figures on Ebay and this has allowed me to complete 4 more multi-figure command vignettes by combining them with some of my previous commanders.  I use 60mm circular 3mm MDF bases from Warbases with Silfor tufts and Javis static grass.
Perry Lobau and Foundry staff officer

Foundry Cuirassier General  – the standing cuirassier was previously based with Lobau

Foundry staff

Foundry staff

I am currently working on some Napoleonic  French Old Guard Grenadiers,  Austrian Infantry  and some AWI cavalry and infantry.  At some point when I can take all the photos I will add a specific page on my French army to complement the one on my Russian army.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Having been away from wargaming for 3 weeks on vacation in Spain I caught up this week with visits to two clubs.
On Monday I went to Falkirk and District Wargames club at Grangemouth and watched a 15mm SYW game of Maurice.  In this game a better trained Prussian force was attacking an Austrian force holding a line of low hills.
Prussian left wing advances

Prussians attack the hill
 Most of the action took place on the Prussian left wing where they managed to drive an Austrian battalion from the flank hill.  A counter-attack by Austrian cavalry was easily driven off.  A further Prussian attack on the Austrian centre was then launched but by that point time had run out for the game.  It was declared a draw as though the Prussians had inflicted more losses they had not broken the Austrian army or taken the line of hills.  Thanks to John, Greg, Dave and Dougie for letting me sit in.  The basic rules are simple but I am not convinced by the command system.  Basically I think the rules do not suit the multi-player games that I am normally involved with.  However I will try the rules again.

On Thursday I went to the SESWC in Edinburgh and played in a 28mm game of IN HER MAJESTY’S NAME.  Colin Jack provided the figures and scenario and the buildings were the clubs.   This was our first attempt with these rules so we only used 2 companies of adventurers.  Campbell Hardie and I commanded the Servants of Ra whilst Colin and Mr Ray Neal commanded Princess Victoria’s Lifeguard Hussars.   As often in a Colin game this is an entirely female unit.
Professor Abir and his minions of evil
Though the Servants of Ra had mystical powers and talents their low grade cultists proved incapable of withstanding the accurate carbine fire of the Hussars.  At the end of the game though we had disposed of Princess Victoria we were left with a tiny force around Akhenaton and Prof Abir and declared the game a victory for the Hussarettes.
It was enjoyable and we will try it again with a company per player.  I am busy studying the rules to see what we missed.
Princes Victoria's Life Guard Hussarettes

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I am just back from 3 weeks on holiday in Spain so this year I did not get to the show which I organise.
By all accounts the show went well in my absence.  Numbers thru the door were slightly up at approx 700.  I decided to use some space in the reception area for more trade stands and we allowed some traders associated with displays and this gave us 6 additional traders for a total of 40. 

Quality of items on the B&B I am told were  better this year and speaking to some members of the Falkirk club last night they certainly picked up some amazing bargains.
The award for best diplay went to Dave Imrie's The Eagle roman skirmish game and RAF Leuchar's superb carrier attack game won the best Public Participation award.
Seems that people enjoyed the day and the feedback from traders has been relatively positive.   Next year’s show will be on Saturday 2nd August at the same venue.
The photos below are courtesy of my old friend Jim Duncan.
View of the Atrium before opening of show - not as hot this year - phew!

View of the busy main hall

Dave Imrie in black with an admiring Dougie Traill

RAF Leuchars - attack on the USS Essex.  The gong is rung for every lost japanese aircraft.  
Mr Ray and Isaac Neal listening to the pilot briefing