Friday, August 30, 2013


I did not get any wargames played this week so as I said before I have continued to work away on my Napoleonic and AWI collections.  All of these new figures I bought on Ebay and I have simply matt varnished and rebased them.
I have added 2 battalions of 36 Old Guard Grenadiers to my Napoleonic French army. 
Battalion of  Old Guard Grenadiers - Elite figures - GMB flag
For the AWI I have added light dragoons and a small line battalion to my British army and some light dragoons to my American army.  all of these figures are by Front Rank.  I have also won a further 2 units of militia to boost the Patriot army.   I plan to try a 28mm AWI game of Maurice in the next few weeks.

Small BP British line infantry unit -  I will use them as a Loyalist unit - flag adapted from Warflags

Light Dragoons - the Death or Glory boys - still to add some form of  unofficial standard

Dismounted Light Dragoons

1st Continental Light Dragoons - brown with green facings - still need to add a standard

Dismounted 1st Continental Light Dragoons

My main project at the moment is building up an Austrian Napoleonic Army but I will report on its progress  at a later date.


  1. Hi,

    Nice additions from eBay :)

    Just wondering how much figures are going for on eBay currently, if you don't mind. I paint to sell on bring and buys, usually getting around £1.50 a paint job after deductions for ancients. Commission work I try to save for Horse and Musket periods, so was wondering if there was a viable eBay option as previously I haven't had much truck with esales, probably poor pictures.

    1. Shaun
      The infantry were approx £1.75 a figure. Light cavalry and skirmishers worked out at slightly less foot figure wise. They were a bargain.
      I have sold some of my rebased units and they have gone for about £2 a foot figure.
      Good photos make for better sales.

    2. thanks Bill,

      Still slightly below viable for me the unfortunately,

      They are great buys at approx 75p a paint job..... I'd have to paint 7 an hour to earn 5£... 2 an hour I can manage.

  2. Nice score with figures Bill. I like your basing!

    1. Thanks - it is model railway ballast, Dulux intense truffle drybrushed with Dulux cookie dough, then Javis static grass and Silflor tufts.

  3. Very nice looking troops with great basing! The Old Guard Grenadiers are awesome!

  4. Lovely Bill, as Phil says, especially the Grumblers!