Monday, August 19, 2013


On Thursday I went to Colin Jack’s for a game set somewhere in Japan in the 16th century and involved two factions of Samurai led by Colin and Dave O’Brien against a joint force of Samurai and Portuguese foot led by myself and Mr Ray Neal.  All the 28mm figures and terrain were supplied by Colin and the rules we used were Gleaming Katanas which are a variant of Blackpowder.

One of Colin's collection of Japanese buildings
 On our left wing Mr Rays Portuguese advanced slowly with his arquebusiers engaging Colin’s infantry who had taken cover in a field.  On our right my cavalry infantry force engaged Dave’s similar command.
Colin's troops advance from field against the Portuguese-  Dave and my troops clash to their left
I threw my infantry into action first and they did badly against Dave however as they fell back they opened up a gap which allowed my cavalry to advance and drive of  all of Dave’s cavalry.  Colin’s troops advanced from the field where they were being hit by the Portuguese fire and drove back the Portuguese but the Portuguese recovered and all of Colin’s front line units became shaken.  With my cavalry now threatening Dave’s rear the game was declared a victory for me and Mr Ray. 

The struggle with the Portuguese
For the game I simplified the troop ratings removing some of the Useful rules which had been added to the troop types.  One change we will make in future games is to downgrade the morale of Ashigaru and upgrade the hand to hand dice of foot Samurai.   I will also check what rules we can use from Pike and Shot which are appropriate to Gleaming Katanas.  All photos courtesy of Dave O’Brien
End situation - Dave' red infantry now at the mercy of my victorious cavalry


  1. Great looking pictures, very colorful!

  2. Great looking game, who makes your buildings?

    1. Stu
      They belong to Colin Jack and I cannot remember the manufacturers. He is away this weekend so will let you know on Monday.