Saturday, January 30, 2016


At the SESWC this week I staged The Defence of Cuidad Espanola scenario from the Albion Triumphant campaign book.   The French had won the previous scenario and so gained an extra 3 battalions of veteran Polish grenadiers and 2 guns as the attacker for this game.

French move up to the stream

View from the town

British right wing
It proved a difficult task for the French as it is very difficult for them to cross the stream to get into action versus the town of Cuidad Espanola. So after 12 turns of play it proved to be a British victory.  My new Portuguese militia were blooded in this action even managing to win a round of close combat against the veteran Polish (GDW) grenadiers.  Sadly however they did break in the second round of combat.
French finally begin to develop their attack on the town

Polish grenadiers charge the town to be broken in the melee by the KGL
Here are the OBs.

Lane’s Brigade
3 Battalions line infantry one small
1 RFA gun
Hoole’s Brigade
2 Veteran battalions
2 Battalions Line infantry one with one hit
Dale’s Brigade
Rifle detachment
KGL Hussar Regiment
2 Portuguese Militia battlions
Dupont’s Brigade
3 Battalions Line infantry two small
Ft Gun
Maurice’s Brigade
2 Battalion Line infantry one with one hit
2 Swiss battalions Veteran one small
Ft Gun
Brune’s Brigade
2 Chasseur a Cheval Regiments
HA gun
Lapisse’s Brigade
3 Combined Polish Grenadier battalions
Foot gun


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Some photos from our Muskets and Tomahawks FIW game at Falkirk and District Wargames club last night. I was testing out a scenario for an upcoming M&T weekend this March.  It was adapted from a scenario posted on the Scotia Albion blog.  The British had to rescue their captain who was being held in a settlement by the French and their Huron allies.  It proved a blood bath but a British victory as they rescued their captured captain.
French Indian Chief leads 2 warbands to support the Canadian militia

British Rangers engage the settlement at long range from the forest line

British Indian allies make a run for the cabin the captain is held in.

Another view of the French Indians crossing the swollen stream

The forces were fairly balanced the British had 2 ranger units and 2 Mohawk ally units versus the French Canadian militia with 3 Huron ally units.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


I continue to work slowly away on my Napoleonic collection.  Kevin Bowman painted for me 2 units of Portuguese militia from Eagle Miniatures.  I have based them and fitted them with standards from Warflags.  There are 2 more units in preparation to give me a full brigade.  With a change of flags they can easily masquerade as Spanish.

Two units of Portuguese militia - an unusual subject by Eagle Miniatures
I have also added a brigade of Grand Duchy of Warsaw infantry as supports for my French army.  I bought the figures ready painted from South Africa and I added some more shading and rebased them.  They were my official Christmas present from my wife.  I really like the pose of the officer figures.Their flags I adapted from images available on the Internet.

GDW 1st Infantry regiment

GDW Combined Grenadiers
GDW Voltigeur Unit