Friday, September 20, 2019


This week I finally managed to clear my wargames table so that I could stage a game for some members of the Gothenburg Gamers.  It was the first time in at least 6 months that I had put on a table top game.

The game was the fictional battle of Bendy Creek set during Burgoyne’s Albany campaign.  The British army is advancing on Albany and a vanguard has been sent forward to seize the vital bridge over the Bendy Creek.  Capturing the bridge intact will allow the artillery and wagons with the main army to proceed towards Albany.  This objective is met if the British hold both ends of the bridge at the end of the game.  The Patriot objective is to destroy the bridge or to prevent the British achieving theirs.

Tim Watson commanded the Patriot Continentals and I had the Militia whilst Donald Adamson commanded the British and Colin Jack the Brunswickers/Hessians.  I provided all the figures and terrain.  The British had the higher quality troops with the Brunswick Grenadiers being the outstanding unit on the table. The veritable ‘Old Guard’ of Bendy Creek.

The first brigade of each army was deployed on the edge of the table on their road side of the creek.  To explain the creek ran across the centre of the table  between the 2 long table edges with the bridge at the mid-point of the table.  The second brigade of the armies could attempt to march onto that area on their first turn or delay their arrival until turn 2 on their non road edge of the table i.e. assuming they had crossed the creek upstream/downstream of the bridge.  The creek could be forded by infantry 6” away from the bridge.  Artillery could only cross the on-table creek via the bridge.
Bendy Creek flowing peacefully - British will be to the right Patriots to the left

British brigade closes up to east end of the vital bridge
It was a fun game fought on a 8ft by 6ft table.  Both sides decided to commit their second brigade on the other side of their table edge.  After an initial Continental shock success breaking a Brunswick battalion things went steadily downhill with the Patriots losing 4 battalions and both their guns and failing to break another British unit.  The brave Patriot survivors decided to retire towards Albany.  I am sure Tim will pen a fuller account of the action to justify his headlong advance towards the bridge which led to this Patriot setback and here it is:
The game proves you don’t need to cover a table with figures to have an enjoyable exciting game. Here is a link to all 11 of my photos at
Brunswickers engage the flank of the New Hampshires

New Hampshires are driven back and followed up by the Germans

Here is the OB, game specific rules and troop ratings.   Infantry units of 20 figures are standard sized and 12 figure units are small.  All commanders are rated as 8.

British Forces

C-in-C Simon Fraser

British Brigade

3 Line Battalions                                          20 figures ea

Light Infantry  Detachment                          12 figures

Royal Artillery Detachment                            2 guns

German Brigade

Grenadier Battalion                                    20 figures

2 Fusilier Battalions                                    20 figures ea

Jaeger detachment                                      12 figures

Amusette team                                               2 figures

Patriot Forces

C-in-C Benedict Arnold

Continental Brigade

3 Line Battalions                                          20 figures ea

Cont  Skirmishers                                        12figures

Artillery Detachment                                        light gun

Militia Brigade

3 Militia Battalions                                       20 figures ea

New York Skirmishers                                 12 figures

Artillery Detachment                                        light gun

Game Rule Modifications

Used alternative sequence of Initiative Moves, Firing, Commanded moves.

Used 100% movement rates and ranges

Troops lining fences get advantage of a +1 Morale save to shooting.


Skirmishers move at full speed through woods.  Formed troops move at half speed.

Artillery cannot move through woods.

Infantry in woods get +1 morale save to shooting except when charging.

Formed troops in woods are a clear target.

Action on the east side  of the Creek - British charge met by a feeble militia volley!!!

Remnants of Patriot force disengaging
Troop Ratings

These are my latest basic troop ratings for the AWI.  I have cut back the number of Useful rules used.  I might make British formed infantry either Terrifying or Ferocious when engaging some militia.

Continental Line Musket 6 3 4+ 3 --
Cont Lights small Rifle/Musket 4 2 4+ 2 Skirmish, marauders
Militia Musket 5 3 5+ 3 Unreliable
Militia Lights  small Rifle/Musket 3 2 5+ 2 Unreliable
Skirmish, marauders
Cavalry small -- 4 -- 4+ 2 Marauder
Artillery smoothbore 1 3-2-1 4+ 2 --
Light Artillery smoothbore 1 2-1-1 4+ 2 --
Skirmish Can adopt skirmish formation
Marauders Ignore distance penalty when given orders
Unreliable No move on equal command roll
Grenadiers Musket 7 3 4+ 4 Stoic, Elite 4+
British Line Infantry Musket 6 3 4+ 3  Stoic
Hessian Infantry Musket 6 3 4+ 3 --
Loyalist Infantry Musket 6 3 5+ 3 --
Jaegers small Rifle 4 2 4+ 2 Skirmish, Marauders
Skirmishers small Musket 4 2 4+ 2 Skirmish, Marauders
Cavalry small -- 4 -- 4+ 2 Marauder
Artillery smoothbore 1 3-2-1 4+ 2 --
Amussette smoothbore 1 1-1-1 4+ 2 Range as Light Art but no Artillery advantages
Skirmish Can adopt skirmish formation
Marauders Ignore distance penalty when given orders
Stoic May reroll first break test
Elite Can rally of disorder at start of turn on roll of 4+

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


During August we travelled to Moscow to see our first grandchild Diana who is now 10 weeks old.  On a cultural outing to the historic estate of Archangelskoi just west of Moscow we passed near to a military museum and I was persuaded by Mrs G, Helena to visit.  It proved to be the Russian Military Technical Museum at Chernogolovka.  It has a very impressive collection of  armoured vehicles, artillery and vehicles.  I am fairly sure that it is a private Museum.

Below are some of my photos of the WWII equipment.  Here is a link to all my photos on Flickr
Next museum post will be the Russian Central Airforce Museum at Monino just east of Moscow.

Myself with Diana in the baby stroller and 2 T38 amphibious tans and a PZ38T

Propeller and rudder of a T38

T60 light tanks

T70 light tanks


RSO/PAK40 - rare vehicle only 60 built

Two T37 amphibious tanks plus more exhibits

Saturday, September 7, 2019


Here are some photos of the latest additions to my Black Powder Napoleonic collection.  They are 2 gun Saxon and Spanish 12pdr batteries from Elite Miniatures and the Front Rank Polish General of Division Dabrowski and 2 ADCs.  I really like the Elite gun models and they make up the bulk of my artillery.  Front Rank command figures are so nice and crisp. They were painted by Kevan Bowman then based by me.

The impressive Front Rank Dabrowski and staff

Another view

Saxon 12pdr battery - my first Saxon unit

Spanish 12pdr battery - to give my Spanish some heavy hitting power