Saturday, May 29, 2021


As you will know from the reports in the blog I am an enthusiast for the Black Powder rules. I find them simple and fun to play. But a few issues have appeared in our games. I have a page setting out ideas on house rules as well as some notes on commonly forgotten rules and important clarifications.  Latest changes are to the section on the Napoleonic Must Form Square Rule as shown below. Changes are in italics.


This is a 2021 revision of the rules for squares which we have used successfully since June 2013.  The new element is that infantry cannot form square if the cavalry start their charge from only 1 move away.  They had their chance to form square in their previous turn. This idea could be used with the standard square rules.

Rule - Non disordered infantry in the open charged by cavalry to their front must attempt to form square as their charge response.  However if the cavalry are within 1 move the infantry cannot form square as a response and can just give closing fire. 

To form a square as a response infantry must pass an order test based on their brigadier’s command rating counting normal modifiers (except command radius) plus optionally the following: If cavalry need 3 moves to contact then infantry have a command modifier of +1

If they fail they stay in their formation, become disordered and deliver closing fire.

Note - Normal square combat rules apply i.e. cavalry receive no charging bonuses.  However a square testing for a non cavalry combat break test applies all the break tests results.  If they retire they become disordered and form line formation.  As per the rules a square testing for losing or drawing a combat against only cavalry ignore all results except Break.