Sunday, January 22, 2017


I got back into wargaming last week following our 3 weeks Christmas and New Year cat sitting for our daughter in London whilst she was away on her honeymoon.   It was a VBCW game 'The Action at Alnwick' using Bolt Action which Colin Jack set up in his wargames room.  Tim Wilson, Ray Neal, Dave O'Brien and Donald Adamson also took part.  Colin supplied the scenery and the bulk of the figures employed.

Planning to have the first game in my garage for over a year in 2 weeks time......

MarkVIb covers advance of the French monarchist volunteers

Confused Alnwick street scene with abandoned BUF armoured trucks

Overhead view of the Loyalist Lanchester

The 2nd Mark VIb passing the command car

The cinema is an impressive model.

The red battle bus of the Grimsby trawlermen