My Napoleonic French and Allied Army started out as an opponent for my Russian Army and now outnumbers it.   It now contains 12 infantry brigades and 8 cavalry brigades. The latest troops I have added are a 4 gun French foot battery, a Saxon 2 gun foot battery, Napoleon with his staff (on foot and mounted) and upgraded my Guard foot artillery to 12pdr guns.  Note -  I still need to add a few more photos.

1 Old Guard brigade of 2 Grenadier and 2 Chasseur battalions each of 24 figures
3 Line brigades of 4 24 figure battalions
1 Swiss brigade of 4 24 figure battalions
1 Foreign brigade of 4 24 figure battalions
1 Berg brigade of 4 24 figure battalions
1 Duchy of Warsaw brigade of 4 24 figure battalions
2 Bavarian brigades of 3 24 figure battalions
1 Neapolitan brigade of 2 24 figure battalions

Old Guard Grenadiers - Elite figures

Old Guard Chasseurs - Foundry figures

Old Guard Chasseur skirmishers - Foundry figures

French line infantry - Rava figures

Swiss 3rd Infantry - 4 battalions of Rava figures

Irish Legion - 2 battalions  of infantry in my foreign brigade - Rava figures

Joseph Napoleon Regt - 2 battalions of infantry in my foreign brigade - Rava figures
Bavarian infantry battalion - Rava figures - flag from Warflags

Berg 1st Regt - 4 battalions of Berg infantry in my German brigade - Rava figures
1st DW Infantry Regt - Rava figures

1 Guard Foot battery of 4 12pdr guns
2 Line Foot batteries of 3 6pdr guns
1 Line Foot battery of 4 8pdr guns
1 Guard Horse battery of 3 pdr guns
1 Line Horse battery of 3 6pdr guns
1 Saxon Foot battery of 2 12pdr guns

Guard Foot artillery- Foundry crew and Elite 8pdr  gun now updated to 12pdr

Line Foot artillery - Sash & Sabre crew and 6dpr Elite gun
Guard Horse artillery - Elite models - 6pdr gun

Line Horse artillery - Perry crew and Elite 6pdr gun - yes I like Elite guns
Cavalry all 12 figure Regts
2 Regiments of Guard Lancers - Polish and Dutch
2 Regiments of Carabiniers
2 Regiments of Cuirassiers
4 Regiments of Dragoons
2 Regiments of Lancers
2 Regiments of Hussars
2 Regiments of Chasseurs a Cheval
2 Dismounted Regiments of Dragoons

Line Lancers - Foundry figures
Line Dragoons - Foundry figures

9th Hussars - Foundry figures
1st Guard Lancers - Foundry figures - at some point I will replace the lances
Cuirassier Command - mix of figures

Jerome Bonaparte and staff - Perry figures
Foot Dragoons - Eagle Figures

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