When I originally read Pike and Shotte I thought that there were very few significant changes in the rules from BP and probably not enough to justify it being a complete rule book. Having read them again I realise there are quite a few changes. A lot fall into my category of often forgotten rules that I think players would simply assume they are the same as BP.  Here is my note of the changes - no guarantee that this is exhaustive.

P34 - Initiative move proximity is 6”. Note that proximity for movement restrictions is still 12”
P35 - Command Test enemy proximity modifier of -1 the distance is 6”.
P36 - Shaken units can make a free move to the rear.
P37 - Disordered units can make an initiative move to the rear.
P37 - Units supporting a combat cannot be ordered or use their initiative.
P38 - Units can move thru engaged friends to join a combat.
P38 - Pikes and heavy cavalry moving thru a disordered friend become disordered on a roll of 6.
P39 - Hedgehogs - this is all new.
P39 - Artillery movement
Heavy and siege guns can never move.
Limbered guns can never unlimber and fire.
Light guns can be manhandled 2 moves.
P40 - Rough ground - Non skirmishing units limited to a single move
P41 - Obstacles - pike blocks crossing become disordered on a roll of 6. There are also suggested alternate rules for obstacles.
P48 - Buildings.
Units need a full move to enter.
Units may charge out of a building.
Pike blocks cannot occupy buildings.
Units shooting from a building (except guns) only get 1 dice per face.
P50 - Shooting & Disorder. Special ability of large units to take a hit rather than a disorder.
P50 - Shooting at Hedgehogs - all new.
P53 - Standing and giving closing fire can be a charge reaction by some cavalry.
P53 - Traversing targets - some more changes here.
P55 - Artillery - Only light guns can move and shoot.
P56 - Artillery - Guns that roll 2 or more 1s when firing in a turn are out of action.
P56 - Petards - all new.
P62 - Orders - Separate orders are needed for units charging and units moving in support.
P63 - Skirmishers and charges. Skirmishers can charge more opponents including buildings, artillery, disordered and shaken units.
P64 - Charge responses
Fire & Evade and Hedgehog are new and units must pass a command test to carry these out.
Closing Fire and Turn to Face are changed slightly as closing fire can now be given by some cavalry and Pike blocks can turn to face as well as cavalry.
P67 - Pikes vs. Cavalry charges. The pikes usually get twice their normal combat dice.
P70 - Close Combat.
Support distance is 3”
Shaken and/or disordered units cannot support.
P78 - Battaglia morale. Still optional but better version than Brigade morale in BP as more than half the units have to broken or shaken for a Battaglia to be broken.
P80 - Hedgehogs - all new. Similar but not the same as a square.
P83 - Dragoons - all new.
P84 - Replacing lost generals. Now there are some rules!
P85 - Commander combat bonus. An unused option in BP but I would use this version in P&S period.
New Useful Rules

Caracole - cavalry unit cannot counter charge enemy cavalry.
Clansmen - unit cannot support.
Bows/Crossbows - cannot offer closing fire. Bow targets get +1 morale save.
Fire & Evade - for dragoons
Eager - free move on charge order.
Fanatic - morale save +1 until shaken
Galloper - cavalry must counter charge and must always engage enemy with a sweeping advance if able to do so.
Hedgehog - see above like a square
Mercenary - retire from field if Rally order failed when shaken.
Pike Coy - gives advantages to foot unit vs. cavalry. Late 17th century.
Rabble - units must be issued individual orders.
Swordsmen - get +3 combat results against enemy infantry.

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