Sunday, October 14, 2018


This Saturday I went to Forfar to attend SKELP the Angus Wargames Club’s annual show.  SKELP is a small show but It has all you expect from a show - demonstration and public participation games, trade stands, a painting competition (with trophies and prizes), a bring and buy sale, raffle, and catering.

Myself, Ray Neal and Tim Watson presented the Gothenburg Gamers PP game which was my 75mm Wild West gunfight game using Playmobil figures and scenery.  It is 100% plastic and nothing was painted!  
There were some nice looking games at the show.  It was a good enjoyable day meeting fellow enthusiasts.  The time went very quickly for me speaking to people about the game and explaining the very simplified version of Legends of the Old West rules that we were using to the junior players and their parents.  We got thru 5 games at the show – a record I think for one of our PP games.
To make the day perfect we won the trophy for best PP game!  Some photos of our game.  All my photos from the show on flickr at

Sheriff  Duke defends the jailhouse

The Outlaw gang attacking the jail -  some truly appalling shooting!

The posses - Texas Rangers, Cowboys, Outlaws and the Lawmen

Happy parent and players

Boy in red top about to whup his dad!

Someone finally decides to get to a roof top - note someone carrying big crate below

Helped by his gang and a big stick of dynamite Pink Bob escapes from jail.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Last week I was at the SESWC for the AWI Battle of Guilford Courthouse.  I revised the OB and troop ratings from our last attempt at this action.  Angus Konstam supplied the bulk of the figures.  I only provided 2 militia battalions.  The two of us plus the club provided the terrain.

The British attempted a concentrated attack on the Patriot left wing.  Things did not go well for them from the beginning as their first command rolls were poor whilst the Patriots were able to move their forces including the unreliable militia to concentrate on their left.  After a long struggle in the woods neither side had lost a vital brigade so I declared the battle a draw.

Angus has a detailed account of the game play on his blog at

My camera ran out of power after the first shot so 4 of these photos are courtesy of Campbell Hardie. 

The first 2 Patriot lines

First line militia and artillery

Aerial view showing British breakthrough on the Patriot right

Patriot 2nd line militia hold firm

British initial deployment - my only photo
Here is the OB, game specific rules and troop ratings.   Infantry units of 24 figures are large sized, units of 20 figures are standard sized and 12 figure units are small.

British Forces
C-in-C Lieutenant-General Charles, Lord Cornwallis 9

Major-General Leslie 8
71st Foot (2nd Battalion)                          unit of 20 figures
Von Bose Regiment (Hessians)               unit of 20 figures
North Carolina Loyalists                           unit of 12 figures
Jaegers (Hessians) Lt Infantry                  unit of 12 figures

Lieutenant-Colonel Webster 9
23rd Foot                                                  unit of 20 figures
33rd Foot                                                  unit of 20 figures
Foot Guard detached Light Infantry          unit of 12 figures
Royal Artillery Detachment                       2 guns

Colonel O’Hara 8
1st Battalion, Foot Guards                         unit of 20 figures
2nd Battalion, Foot Guards                        unit of 20 figures
Guard Grenadier detachment                    unit of 12 figures

Reserves - Lieutenant Colonel Tarleton 8
British Legion (Dragoons)                          2 units of 8 figures

American Forces
C-in-C Major-General Nathaniel Greene 8

American First Line
Brigadier-General Butler 7
North Carolina Militia Brigade                   2 units of 20 figures
Lynch’s Virginia Rifles                               unit of 12 figures
Washington’s 1st/3rd Cont Dragoons       unit of 8 figures
1st Continental Artillery Detachment        1 gun

Brigadier-General Eaton 7
North Carolina Militia Brigade                   2 units of 20 figures
Campbell’s Virginia Rifles                         unit of 12 figures
Lee’s Legion Foot & Horse                       Mixed unit of 12 figures

American Second Line
Brigadier-General Lawson 7
Virginia Militia Brigade                                2 units of 20 figures

Brigadier-General Steven’s 7
Virginia Militia Brigade                                2 units of 20 figures

American Third Line
Brigadier-General Huger 8
4th & 5th Virginia Regiment                         2 units of 24 figures
1st Continental Artillery Detachment          1 gun

Colonel Williams 8
1st & 2nd Maryland Regiment                     2 units of 24 figures

GCH – Game Rule Modifications

Use 100% movement rates and ranges


Movement through woods for formed troops is limited to 2 moves.

Skirmishers move at full speed through woods.

Artillery cannot move through woods.

Troops in woods get +1 morale save to shooting except when charging.

Formed troops in woods are a clear target.

Troops lining fences get advantage from +1 Morale save to shooting.


Virginia Rifles (small) Rifle 4 2 4+ 2 Skirmish, marauders
Continental Line (Large) Musket 7 3 4+ 4
Militia Virginia Musket 5 3 5+ 3 Unreliable, Levy 4+
Militia Nth Carolina Musket 5 3 5+ 2 Unreliable, Wavering
Levy 4+
Cavalry (small) -- 4 -- 4+ 2 Marauder
Lee's Legion (small) Musket 5 2 4+ 2 Legion, Skirmish, Marauders
Artillery smoothbore 1 3-2-1 4+ 2 --
Legion Treat as small skirmishing infantry units but have an extra hand to hand dice,
 they shoot normally, move as infantry but evade as light cavalry
Levy X Need to roll of Disorder with X+
Marauders Ignore distance penalty when given orders
Skirmish Can adopt skirmish formation
Unreliable No move on equal command roll
Wavering Break test for every hit - shooting and htoh
Guard Infantry Musket 7 3 3+ 4 Stoic, Elite 4+
Ferocious Charge
Guard Grenadiers (small) Musket 5 2 3+ 3 Stoic, Elite 4+
Ferocious Charge
British Line/Highland Inf Musket 6 3 4+ 4 Stoic
Ferocious Charge
Hessian Infantry Musket 6 3 4+ 4
NC Loyalists (small) Musket 4 2 4+ 2
Jaegers (small) Rifle 4 2 4+ 2 Skirmish, Marauders
Lt Inf Skirmishers (small) Musket 4 2 4+ 2 Skirmish, Marauders
Legion Cavalry (small) -- 4 -- 4+ 2 Marauder
Artillery smoothbore 1 3-2-1 4+ 2 --
Elite Can reorder if disordered on roll of 4+
Ferocious Charge Reroll HtoH misses when charging
Marauders Ignore distance penalty when given orders
Skirmish Can adopt skirmish formation
Stoic Ren reroll first break test

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Last week I was at the SESWC for the first time in several months.  I was putting on a version of the La Granja de la Abundancia scenario from the Albion triumphant booklet for Black Powder.  As we had 6 players I expanded the forces to better suit that number of players.  Angus Konstam and I supplied the figures and the club provided the terrain.  We decided to give our allied troops an outing so there were no British or French line infantry on the table. The revised OB is at the end of this report after the photos.
The game was settled by the French getting better early command rolls and committing the German  brigade and their cavalry to capturing the central farm.  Having succeeded in that their left wing stayed on the defensive only engaging the British allies with their artillery.

The 2 Portuguese brigades tried to drive to the French baseline village but were held up by the Polish/Neapolitan brigade which made some desperate charges to delay their opponents.  The French allies won the game 9 objective points to 7.  The high objective points value of the central farm does dominate this game.  My next game at the club will hopefully be with BP2.

Angus has a more detailed account of the game play on his blog at

KGL lead the allied advance - slowly!

The vital village held by the German brigade and screened by their cavalry

Polish veteran battalion flanked by the Portuguese



Lane’s Brigade

3 Battalions Portuguese infantry


Hoole’s Brigade 

2 Battalions Veteran Portuguese infantry

Battalion Portuguese infantry


Dale’s Advance Brigade

KGL Rifle detachment

2 Battalions Spanish infantry

Spanish Lt Infantry detachment

Light Cavalry Brigade

KGL Hussar Regiment

Brit Lt Dragoon Regiment


Von Porbeck Brigade

4 Battalions German infantry

Bty Ft Art

Grandjean Brigade

2 Battalion Neapolitan infantry

2 Veteran Polish battalions

Bty Ft Art

Brune’s Cavalry Brigade

2 Chasseur a Cheval Regiments

German Lancer Regiment

Bty HA Art

All Btns were 24 figures, cavalry and light infantry 12 figures, artillery batteries 2 models

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Here is our handout from our Gothenburg Gamers PP game at Partizan II.  Sorry I only have photos of our game as did not find my camera until we were just about to start packing up.  
Our public participation game this year is a Wild West gun fighting game using Playmobil figures!  The rules we are using are the classic The Legends of the Old West which are simple, fast and enjoyable.

I was inspired to try Playmobil for gaming when I was sorting through a Playmobil collection which a friend gave me to sell for his son.  That young man has just now passed out from Sandhurst.
Our game involves 6 possible types of posses of 4 or 5 figures each.  Four posses take part in each game.  The choice of posses are Lawmen, Texas Rangers, Cowboys, Desperadoes, US Cavalry and Injuns  (Oops I mean Native Americans).  There will be 2 good guy posses and 2 bad guy posses in each game.  Each player is given a mission to complete which along with the Playmobil figures taken out of action adds to their victory score.  Each game has a time limit of about 60 minutes or until two of the posses head for the hills.            
I can proudly say that other than the base mat none of the figures, buildings or scenery have been painted or customised by us – they are all 100% normal Playmobil!  I hope this game helps get some other packed away toy collections into action.

The Gothenburg is an “Arts and Crafts” style pub in Prestonpans built in the first years of the 20th century.  There used to be several of these around the country.  The idea was that all profits from the pub went back into the community.  It is still run with that principle in mind and the return to the community is in the form of art.  There are eight Gamers – Donald Adamson, Bill Gilchrist, Colin Jack, Bill Miller, Ray Neal, Dave O’Brien, Tim Watson and Dave Paterson.  The five of us who attended travelled down to Partizan II by train from Edinburgh.

The games next public outing will be to Skelp on 13th October at Forfar.
View down the table

The 6 posses and townsfolk

Mr Ray studying the rules

Colin inspiring interest

View from back of saloon - note mugs of foaming beer

Bank teller awaiting a deposit or a robbery
Our new banner and Mr Ray still studying the rules

Sunday, August 5, 2018


This Saturday I was at Claymore 2018 held in the Granton Campus of Edinburgh College.  I was busy as a member of the Gothenburg Gamers putting on our Suez 1956 PP game.  The concept, figures and terrain were all provided by Colin Jack.  The display won 3rd place in the judging for the best PP competition.

We were joined by a veteran Mr David Gray of Edinburgh  who served with 1st Para at Suez.  His battalion landed on the beaches whilst 3rd Para made the airdrop.  He brought along a great collection of memorable of the action - photos, newspaper reports, rules of engagement etc.  He seemed to enjoy his first exposure to wargaming and wargamers.

It was a good show –  I met lots of my acquaintances and chatted with people about the game, Bolt Action rules and history of the Suez Action and also about the forthcoming The Great Game (mammoth Waterloo refight) in Glasgow next June. I took some photos so here are a few of them.   My only buy was some mdf bases from the team at Warbases and I almost forgot to collect them as I was enjoying my time at our game.

Link to all my photos of the show on Flickr

Suez 1956 - the PP game - supporting material - the map case actually has a map of Suez.

Tim showing of the new group banner - and the official rig for the day

Suez the harbour

Thule Gamers - a very large Bridge too Far like game

Durham - 42mm Cossack host versus the Ottoman Empire

Mars the Red Planet?

The Iron Brigade - Zorndorf refought in 1813

Carry on Up the Khyber - another great Leuchars PP game

League of Augsburg - grand Napoleonic game

Kirriemuir - A German city square April 1945 - 28mm Rapid Fire

Bathgate - Fantasy PP Game - King Grom is Dead