Monday, May 22, 2017


This Sunday I went to Partizan at Newark.

Colin Jack presented a 28mm Boshin War game  as the SESWC contribution.  Ray Neal, Tim Watson, Dave Paterson and I supported Colin at the display.  We went to Newark by train so Colin had to develop a lightweight game for us to take down.
We played the game as a PP game with members of the public playing the Imperial forces with one of us commanding the Shogunate troops.  Over the day the Imperialists won three games and the Shogunate one.  The figures are from BAC NINH except for a few Perry engineers building a rice bag wall.

Lots of great games at the show at its venue in the Newark Showground.  The exhibition hall allows more displays and traders to be present than the old venue at Kelham Hall.  It was big bright and airy with lots of space, better catering and more parking.
Here are some of my photos below - and here is a link to all my photos from the show in an album on Flickr.
Boshin War handout

Dave removing another unit under wily Imperialist fire

Zombie Wild West PP

Peg Wars - FIW Game - I love this!

Port Arthur

Bunker Hill
Kokoda Trail

Sunday, May 14, 2017


This Saturday I went to Carronade 2017 at Falkirk.

Tim Watson had put together the SESWC display - a 28mm Bolt Action WWII game of the German  invasion of a fictional Greek Island in 1941.  Any similarity to Crete was completely deliberate.  Ray Neal, Colin Jack, Bill Millar and I supported Tim at the display.  We played the game for real and got to a marginal axis victory or so the Axis players claimed.

Detailed report on the game from Tim on his blog at
It was a good show – met lots of acquaintances.  I bought more 28mm AWI patriot figures at the Flea Market, some Spanish Napoleonic skirmishers from Eagle Miniatures and lots of useful mdf from Martin at Warbases.  Now I can get all my new ACW artillery and transport based up.
Next weekend we are at Partizan at Newark displaying a game set in 1860's Japan.  Here are some of my photos from Carronade.
SESWC Aegean Invasion - Mr Ray awaiting a text about when his paras will arrive

First blood to the allies as a Stuka bombs it's own landing craft

Impressive display of Prinz August 42mm falts

League of Augsburg's impressive GNW display

Colourful SciFi game

Large scale SCW game

Another view of the GNW game - Bob and Kevan discussing the weather?

JU52 makes another para drop for Mr Rray

28mm Bolt Action - Ruhr Pocket battle - impressive big industrial buildings

Battle of Morlaix - some very nice figures on display

Dumfries's Border reiver game - team contemplating who has stolen the most cattle?

Sunday, May 7, 2017


This week my wife Helena and I were in London cat sitting for our daughter Alina and her husband Sean.  Lots of culture but also some interesting military sites. We visited Wellington's London home Apsley House (Address No 1 London) and also the nearby Wellington Arch both managed by English Heritage.

Well worth a visit with a joint ticket for both-  even just for the amazing twice life size 3 ton colossal nude statue of Napoleon by Canova at the bottom of the stairs in Apsley house and the exhibition about the interesting history of the Arch. It was moved 100 metres in the 19th century due to road widening and the famous Quadriga was only installed in 1911!

Here are some photos from the web - as no photography is allowed in Apsley House.

Apsley House has a collection of his field marshal batons

Apsley House in 1829 - the adjoining buildings on the right are now gone