As I said in the general Napoleonic page I started building my Russian army as a project for the 200th anniversary of the battle of Borodino in 2012.  It now contains 7 infantry brigades, 6 cavalry brigades plus a Cossack brigade. More than enough to fill one side of my wargames table.  The latest troops were a 3rd Brigade of Grenadiers.

Kutuzov, Kutaisov and Col Toll - Perry command

Barclay, Ermolov, Uvarov and Osterman-Tolstoy in the cape - Perry command

3 Infantry Brigades of 4 battalions

2 Grenadier brigades of 4 battalions including 2 Pavlov Regt battalions

Jaeger Brigade of 4 battalions

Opolchenie (Militia) Brigade of 4 battalions - 2 battalions of St Petersburg Opolchenie and 2 battalions of Moscow Opolchenie.

Line infantry battalion - Rava Figures
Jaeger battalion - Rava Figures
Grenadier battalion - Rava Figures

Moscow Opolchenie - Steve Barber models
St Petersburg Opolchenie - Steve Barber models

All of the battalions are of 24 figures - based for Black Powder rules.  Most of the infantry figures are by Rava however the Opolchenie and the Pavlov Grenadiers are by Steve Barber.  The infantry flags came from the Foundry Napoleon flag download whilst the Opolchenie icon banners I adapted from the internet.  

Bagration rallies 2nd Army of the West - Frontrank figures
2 Regiments of Dragoons – Moscow, Pskov - plus Moscow on foot

4 Regiments of Cuirassiers – Novgorod, Little Russia, Gloukhov, Ekaterinoslav
4 Regiments of Hussars – Akhtyrsk, Grodno, Soum, Pavlograd

2 Regiments of Mounted Jaegers - both Arsamas

1 Regiment of Uhlans - Litovski (Lithuanian)
3 Regiments of Don Cossacks

1 Regiment of dismounted Dragoons - Pskov

Moscow Dragoons - Foundry

Pskov Dragoons on foot - Steve Barber figures

Novgorod Cuirassiers - Foundry

Pavlograd Hussars - Foundry
Don Cossacks - regular looking so surely start of a campaign - Foundry
Last cavalry  addition - Lithuanian (Litovski) Uhlans - flag and pennants from GMB

All of the cavalry figures are by Foundry except the dismounted dragoons which are by Steve Barber and the Uhlans which are by Front Rank.

2 Heavy foot batteries of 3 12pdr guns ea
2 Foot batteries of 3 6pdr guns ea
2 Horse batteries of 3 6dr guns ea 
1 Don Cossack Horse battery of 3 6pdr guns

1 Opolchenie 3pdr gun with limber

Heavy foot battery of 3 12 pdrs - Foundry crew + Elite guns
Foot battery of 3 6 pdrs - Foundry crew + Elite guns

Horse Battery of 2 6pdrs and 10 pdr licorne - Elite crew and guns

Don Cossack Horse battery- 2 of the 3 guns - Steve Barber crew + captured guns

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