Thursday, June 14, 2018


Yesterday at home I organised a 20mm RapidFire game for the Gothenburg Gamers based on the Battle of Cassel in May 1940.  This was a rearguard action fought by 145 Brigade against 6th Panzer Division during the withdrawal to Dunkirk.

I have left the game setup as we intend to finish the game in July after which I will post a full report here which will include the OB.  Next time I will find my Stuka.  Thanks to my wife Helena for preparing the pre-game dinner which was a great starter to an enjoyable evening.

The troops came mainly from my collection supplemented by contingents from Donald Adamson, Dave O'Brien and Bill Miller.  Here are  some of my photos. 

Town centre - British hidden in the buildings with the two  East Riding Cavalry squadrons reading to counter-attack

German Recce Battalion of Kamfpgruppe Esenback sweep towards the east of Cassel

Main German force from Kamfpgruppe Kolb drives up the road to Dunkirk

Tank Coy moving on the Water Tower at the west end of Cassel

Luftwaffe FB attacks the East Riding MKVIb Light tank