Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Scottish Battlefields Trust Show Prestonpans 20 February

On Saturday I went to the Scottish Battlefields Trusts first wargames show held at the Gothenburg pub in Prestonpans. Enjoyable small show with some good displays.

Possibly a unique venue as the Gothenburg has it's own micro-brewery. Recommend the porter and 80 shilling.  Here are photos of  some of the games. Will be back next year.

ECW Game

ECW Game

Warriors from the Gododdin game

Flodden game

Border Riever game

Friday, February 12, 2016


I went with Falkirk Wargames Club to Vapnartak at York on Sunday. An enjoyable day but it is long coach trip. Met lots of friends at my first show of the year. Here are photos from 3 of the games - Battle of Prestonpans 1715, the Alamo and the Siege of Bokhara in the Russian Civil War.

Battle of Prestonpans in a very developed East Lothian 

Cockenzie harbour

Bolshevik armoured train and Mongol auxilaries

Bolshevik Gotha over Bokhara railway station

Blue mosque of Bokhara

The long perimeter of the Alamo.

The Chapel at the Alamo

Saturday, February 6, 2016


On Thursday I played a 1944 Eastern Front Rapid Fire scenario at the SESWC.  It was the Lissjanka scenario from…/lissjankarf2.pdf

It proved a bloodbath and a draw. Luckily the Soviets go first in the game and I managed to decimate the leading Panther unit with my Pakfronts first volley.   I provided the Red Army (sadly I forgot my Sturmovik) and Bart provided the Germans.

Pakfront faces massed German armour

Soviet armoured reserves - Frontline resin T34/76s

Bart's burning Panthers

Here is the Red Army OB all regular

Elements 5th Guards Tank Corps

20th Tank Brigade

HQ T34/76, BA64 a/car

1st, 2nd & 3rd Battalions each 2 x T34/76 (AT3)

1499th Anti-tank Artillery Regiment
16 figures, 4 x 76.2mm ATG, 4 x medium trucks

Motor rifle battalion (test @ 20 casualties)
HQ CO + 3 figures, ATR, car
1st, 2nd and 3rd Companies each 8 figures, medium truck
HW Company 12 figures, MMG, 82mm mortar, 57mm ATG
37mm AA, 3 x medium truck
Gun Company 3 figures, 76.2mm ATG, medium truck

Sturmovik 2 x 37mm, 2 x light bombs