Thursday, May 19, 2016


Here are some more photos of my most recent additions to my Napoleonic collection. 

To my French/Allied army I have added 5 Staff stands, 2 units of Dragoons, 2 units of Carabiniers and a unit of Bavarian light infantry skirmishers.  I also added 3 extra French infantry command stands so that I can field my Polish combined grenadier units as French.   Finally I added a further unit of Russian line infantry as one of my existing stands went missing.
I bought the figures ready painted from South Africa and I added some slight shading to the infantry and cavalry.  The staff were wonderfully painted and I left them as they were.  I rebased all the figures using MDF bases and Silflor tuffs from Warbases and Javis static grass.  The flags come from Warflags except the Russian infantry flags which come from the Napoleon Russian flag download.

Murat in a modest cosutme

Grouchy in a pre 100 days decisive moment

Prince Eugene

New French command

Bavarian light infantry based as skirmishesrs

Even more Russian line

French carabiniers

French dragoons


  1. Those are some great looking Napoleonics Bill! Keep it up!


  2. Beautiful Napoleonics Bill!

  3. Nice addition to your collection Bill.

  4. Lovely work Bill although I'm a bit concerned that Murat isn't flashy enough :-)