Tuesday, September 2, 2014


On Saturday I went to Shedfest 5 which Dave Paterson staged in his shed and garden.    It was a day of eating, drinking and gaming.  The game Dave setup was something very different for me - a superb 15mm Zombie Apocalypse game.  The objective was for the 9 player characters to run the gauntlet of the zombie infested Anytown to reach the heliport were a helicopter would take the first survivor to arrive to safety.  In 6 hours of play not one of us got to the helicopter – I was lucky my character was killed only once. 

View from the start point over Anytown - still strangely clear of zombies
A was a good fun game.  The rules Dave has developed fit on a single A4 page and cover special events, generating and moving zombies, weapons, combat, searching buildings etc.

Some of the 200 zombies wandering along North Street
Thanks to Dave for the excellent breakfast to dinner catering and the endless supply of zombie punch.  I walked home in a happy state.
Zombies surround the impressive mayor's house - my doomed character at the left on his red base

More photos at
Roll on Shedfest 6 next year.


  1. Very nice! That is a *shed load* of Battlefront buildings :-)

  2. Fantastic scenery! Really inspirational. Did the Mayor employ the same architect as the one for the Hartenstein Hotel in Arnhem perchance ! All the best, Ken.

  3. Fantastic setup. What scale are the buildings/cars? They look perfect for 15mm!!