Friday, September 5, 2014


As my wife was away in London Dave Paterson invited me to the latest weekly Wednesday evening game in his shed.  This was a 15mm SciFi game to test the Fireteam Andromeda rules.  Once again Dave setup some superb terrain for the game.  Mark Taylor and I commanded the NeoSovs whilst Guy Hunter and Steve Caffrey commanded the Federals.  Dave umpired.
NeoSov APCs advance into the settlement
NeoSov troops parade before the action - the hovertanks did not last long
The highlight of the game for me was when my NeoSov hover APCs managed to knock out 2 of the enemy heavy tanks with flank shots.  An enjoyable game – the rules work but more than one of us should have read them first.
NeoSov commander watches his holographic tactical display

Federal heavy tanks fall victim to the flanking fire of the well handled NeoSov APCs


  1. Wow! Superb looking table Bill your friend set up! I'm sure it was a pleasure to paint on.


  2. Only just found this report. It looks superb!