Friday, October 31, 2014


On Thursday I took my collection of Pirates of the Caribbean ships along to Hugh Wilson’s and the 5 players played 2 multiplayer scenarios which I found on the useful Cke1st's Pirates Page at

Spanish and English fleets engage - what about the whaling?
We used 5 factions - English, Americans, French, Spanish and  Pirates.  The first scenario we played was Thar She Blows! – a whaling game which I won using the French.  Secondly we played The Golden Goose scenario which was won by Bart using the English.  That game saw our first example of a ship running aground on a reef.

Crippled pirate ship being towed home
We used a new sea sheet which Hugh had produced during the week.  Once again an enjoyable evening and I think the little ships look great.  

Ships sailing thru the hazards around Goose Island and a small ship hiding in fog bank

Chaos around Goose island and a ship lost in a fog bank
Next week starts with a big Black powder AWI game at my house  – the second scenario from the Rebellion book the Battle of Chatterton’s Hill.


  1. Excellent Bill and I have seen the smaller ships used to generate 28mm pirate actions! Also used the Fog rules a few years ago at a Pirate game I ran in a convention! Would love a copy of Hugh' game sheet? VFW

  2. Great looking game, nice pictures!