Monday, October 20, 2014


I went on a road trip this week.  Colin Jack, Ray Neal and I went for a few days to Cornwall but on our way there we diverted to Dorset and the home of The Tank Museum at Bovington.
MKVIb light tank

A13 MKII Cruiser
Here are some photos from our visit to museum.  Our tour of the Museum took us 5 hours.  Given the time of the year no tanks were running at the arena but I got a video of the Mark IV from Warhorse driving into the Vehicle Conservation Centre.
French Somau S35 - with some German modifications

SU76 SPG - 2nd most produced Soviet AFV in WWII

German A7V - modern reproduction
An enjoyable visit – I will be back.  All the photos at

Finally - the famous running TIGER I


  1. Good trip Bill, done a bit of that myself, got the T Shirt.

  2. I like the A7V. Funny that it was named "Schnuck"; the German version of "stone-paper-scissor" was named, "Schnick - Schnack - Schnuck" … maybe the only 3 tanks they had from this version … :)