Friday, September 13, 2013


I did not get to the SESWC again this week so I setup another 28mm AWI Maurice game in my garage this time with Colin Jack, Dave O’Brien and Mr Ray Neal.  It was all their first game of Maurice.
Patriot artillery firing the first shots - they not fire again until the last turn!
I altered the armies that I used in last week’s game to those shown below.

10  TRAINED REGULAR INFANTRY                         60
2  CONSCRIPT MILITIA INFANTRY                            8
2  CONSCRIPT REGULAR CAVALRY                          8
2  ARTILLERY                                                                  3
2 IRREG INFANTRY                                                        6

National advantages
OBLIQUE ORDER                                                            6
TOTAL  91 points Army Morale 16

1  ELITE REGULAR INFANTRY                                        8
5  TRAINED REGULAR INFANTRY                                24
2  TRAINED REGULAR CAVALRY                                   6
2  ARTILLERY                                                                       3
1 IRREG INFANTRY                                                             3

National advantages
TOTAL  92 points  Army Morale 13

Advanced Rules in use – Oblique Order, Light artillery, All Guns bombard

View from Patriot artillery as British close with the fence line

Colin supported by myself commanded the British army and having won the scouting role Colin decided that we should be the attackers.   The British should always attack he told us – what a gentleman! He also decided that the British should use Lethal Volleys.  As the attackers we added 2 extra irregular infantry units to the army.  Colin’s plan having seen the Patriot deployment was to attack on our right with the British infantry and artillery while on our left the Hessians, irregulars and cavalry would screen the Patriot right.
Patriot irregulars close up on British right flank - but quickly seen of with the bayonet
The fight on our right took a long time to make headway as the Patriots moved forward to take the cover of a fence line.  Eventually we broke the bulk of their infantry holding the fence line and occupied it.  There then followed a few moves whilst both sides reorganised by passing to draw more cards.  Colin then threw the irregulars against the Patriot right where they broke the 1st Maryland.  Following this success the British right finally crossed over the fence line and broke a further 2 Patriot infantry.  At that point the Patriot army’s morale broke having lost 7 units whilst our British morale was down to 4 points having lost 5 units.  So it proved to be a close hard fought action.
With the fence line gone the Patriot commanders consider their options - Mr Ray (L), Dave (R)
I must say that some of the players were not at all convinced with the mechanisms of Maurice.  The main problem is that once you are engaged in a major firefight then all yoru command effort goes into Rally actions to keep those troops in the fight.  I think the Patriot artillery which was deployed to the rear on a hill only fired twice in the entire game while the British artillery that we moved up with our attacking infantry caused great execution with their canister fire.  The cavalry on either side never moved throughout the game.

Next week I should be able to get back to the SESWC on Thursday nights.


  1. That's another fantastic looking game Bill!


  2. That's an excellent looking game. I've been trying Maurice myself with some later 17th century actions, though with less than ten units per side - this perhaps resolves a little of the friction regarding the constant rallying that you found.

    Perhaps though, there is a point to the micro management of troops while other uynits stand and look at each other . It can be frustrating, but certainly makes you think about your available resources, trying to build enough points to do something BIG, while fending off that persistent flank attack. I do like the rules for this reason, though they will probably take quite a bit of getting used to.

  3. Great looking game, beautiful pictures and minis!

  4. Have only glanced at information about Maurice and downloaded Maurice 'lite'. We may try them for some early 18th C games (War Spanish Succession and Great Northern War) that we plan to do from late next year. Are they better suited for the early 18th C?

    1. James
      Yes I think they suit formal European wars rather than the AWI. In my view they are aimed at tournament play with from 10 to 18 units a side. If you have a group of players try the Succession Wars campaign system which is included. The basic tactical rules are very simple - even simpler than Lasalle.
      They don't give a good gaming experience for multi-player games. There is also not enough variation in the troop types especially cavalry. I prefer adapting Black Powder which is my own favourite.