Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This weekend I was invited to the League of Gentlemen Wargamers big Vietnam bash.

The mighty brown water navy about to depart on operations
The event was held at the base of the Kirriemuir Wargames Club in Kirriemuir Angus.  Peter Nicholson, Colin Jack and others provided the troops and terrain.  On the Saturday we played thru a series of 5 two player mini games that Dave O’Brien had devised to familiarise the 10 players with the Bolt Action rules.  The rules worked well and after the first mini game most of the players were comfortable with the basic rules.  My contribution to the event was to work out the Bolt Action weapon factors for Vietnam and come up with rules for helicopters and the brown water navy warships.  I have posted an excel file with this information on the Bolt Action Yahoo forum.

On the Sunday we played a single massive game on a 30ft by up to 8ft wide table.  Peter Nicholson came up with the scenario.   It proved to be a VC victory with the heavily equipped US side failing to achieve any  of their major objectives.

It was a great event – the terrain and figures were very impressive and everyone enjoyed the gaming.    I really liked the brown water navy and the helicopter fleet.   More photos with descriptions at Flickr
View down the 30ft long table - at this end firebase with port, then 5 villages, at far end a field hospital and POW camp

US advanced hospital under VC mortar fire
RPG rocket falls short of a Heliship


  1. Fantastic looking game, can you share how you constructed the paddy fields?

  2. It depends on which paddy fields you are on about.
    Mine which are the larger ones are based on plastic card with Kapa board for the edges and carved to angle the sides which is probably the biggest difference between mine and Peter's. One the Kapa was glued in place it was then covered in tetrion and painted and textured to suit. I used door mat for the rice glued and painted in place but it would be easier now by using the tufts that are now produced, although more expensive. The water was just painted dark brown then a thick layer of gloss varnish poured in and moved about slightly whilst it was drying to create a ripple effect. In all they were very easy to produce and I have meant to make more but just never found the time.