Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Partizan 2013

This Sunday I went to Partizan at Newark.

Colin Jack  presented a 28mm Bolt Action Korean War display as  the SESWC contribution.  Dave O’Brien and I supported Colin at the display.  We played the game for real but did not get to a result though it was likely given the North Korean advance that the US/UN forces would have to withdraw to their island bridgehead.  We spent lots of time talking to people about the display - other than the MASH helicopter and the M4 flamethrower tank all the figures and vehicles came from WWII or Back of Beyond collections.
MASH hospital

NK infantry assualt an M8 greyhound
 Other highlights of the show was the League of Augsburgs big 17th century game, the VBCW game and the very good Steampunk Victorian Sci-fi PP game.

The show seemed busier than last year....hopefully again next year.
Steampunk Victorian Sc-fi PP game - impressive buildings and harbour

VBCW game

League of Augsburg - big BTLB game
I will add briefing notes on the Korea game later....


  1. Good to see the flooring grade chipboard terrain squares still in use Bill. I've lost track of how many decades they've been in service. Must be their fourth by now.

  2. The tables look great and I really like the MASH hospital!


  3. Hey Bill pray tell what rules were they using in the Victorian Steampunk SyFy game? My friends Henry, Stephen and I are looking at IHMN - In her Majesty's Name. I was wondering have you or Colin had a peek at these yet? They look an awfully lot like Black Powder - Similar gaming mechanisms.

  4. OH Wow Bill when did you go above a 100 followers kudos on your achievement - I am barely at 65, but I would say your content contains quite a bit of varied gaming lends for attracting a wider venue!!!