Saturday, June 22, 2013


I am busy this weekend at a big refight of Waterloo which Iain Gale author of "Four Days in June" has arranged in Edinburgh.

The terrain is very impressive - it is a labour of love by Iain. We are using Black Powder with some house rule amendments with 10 active players on Saturday and Sunday.  Figure scale is approx 1 to 40.
Iain setting up French left flank
Start position - view from the west over Hougomont
In 7 hours on Saturday with a short bar break we played 9 moves in the game getting us to about 2:15PM in game time. Great game....

As Napoleon I decided to play the game relatively historically launching D'Erlon supported by 2 cuirassier brigades against the ridge east of La Haye Saint whilst Reille's corps attacked Hougomont but also manoeuvred to its west.

Poor command rolls held up both attacks especially the manoeuvre west of Hougomont. After a long struggle with losses the French captured 2 of the 3 Built Up Areas that represented Hougomont. The advance west of Hougomont has ground to a halt in the face of a massive move of allied troops to that flank.

D'Erlons attack made headway capturing part of the hedgeline and engaging the troops in the sunken road. His left fank brigade lost heavily to artillery fire and allied cavalry attacks which were driven back by the supporting cuirassiers. Part of Lobau's corps and 2 reserve light cavalry brigades are moving slowly to support D'Erlon's attack which seems to be stalling.

On the allied left a series of cavalry melees largely ended in draws except for a single British hussar unit which broke through the French lines and after blundering to return is well on its way to Plancenoit.

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More action tomorrow.
D'Erlon engages the ridge line east of La Haye Saint

Continuing struggle for Hougomont

D'Erlon has got across first hedge line and engages the sunken road


  1. Stunning looking game! Fantastic way to spend the weekend!

  2. Just awesome Bill enjoy.Terrain -those fields of crops etc just awesome

  3. I'm so jealous of your terrain and the game

  4. Fantastic terrain, figures and game. I see the game is in 28mm. Are the buildings in the same scale?

    Graham BT

    1. No the buildings are approx. 15-20mm scale. If they were actually 28mm scale the ground scale of the game would be to great. Ian originally bought 28mm buildings for the display and changed to the smaller scale when he saw the size of the 28 mm models.