Tuesday, March 22, 2016

28MM Muskets and Tomahawks Weekend

This weekend I was away at Kirriemuir for a meeting of the League of Gentlemen Wargamers. I organised the French Indian War games which used Muskets and Tomahawks.

On the first day we had 6 2 player games setup and on the second day a single 6 player a side game on a 24 ft long table.  Overall it proved to be a French victory.

The games identified that we lacked certain troop types and that has given me another project for the coming year.  It was all very enjoyable - here are some photos.

View of the escape scenario game

Settlers must die scenario

West end of the big game - Kevin and Charles Snr

View over the big table - Steve Rimmer surveying the position

Peter Henderson's superb scratch built French fort

My British fort - by Stronghold

Outer defences of the British fort

French Indian amphibious assault on the outer defences of the British fort
Angus Konstam has written a fuller report on his blog at


  1. Very nice pictures. I like the scratch built fort most.

  2. Hi
    Great to see all these things,
    Nice/fine buildings, terrains and characters.
    Is both a bastion of wood

  3. Lovely terrain and miniatures, especially the buildings. And check out the size of the table! Wow!