Friday, March 4, 2016


Here are my photos from Wednesday nights Napoleonic game set in Spain using Black Powder rules.  I came up with the scenario and supplied all the 'French' and Portuguese troops while Hugh Wilson supplied the British infantry  and all the terrain.  The table we used was 12ft long and 5ft wide.  Dave O’Brien, Dave Mitchell, Ian Carter and Hugh commanded the allied troops while Bart Zynda, Tim Watson and I took charge of the French.

View from north of the field
The British had 8 line battalions incl 2 veterans, 2 rifle detachments, 3 Portuguese militia battalions, 2 light cavalry regiments and 2 guns.  The French had 12 line battalions incl 3 veterans, 2 light cavalry regiments and 4 guns. 

Portuguese militia defend allied far left flank
The French made some amazing command rolls in the centre which allowed them to quickly close with the enemy and break some British regiments. It looked as if the battle could be over by move four .  However eventually the Allies started to make more of a fight of it and slowed up the French on both flanks but could not stop them claiming a victory.

Bart has written a report of the game on his blog

French centre hits home on the British lines

Action on the British left- after Portuguese militia lose the flanking farm


  1. What a great looking game Bill!


  2. Dave O'Brien playing Black Powder - whatever next...

  3. They have certainly improved with Bill's amendments and everyone else is happy with them so why should I complain.