Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I was away at the weekend at Kirriemuir in Angus for a 28mm Crimean War event.  Over the 2 days 12 gamers attended from the LOGW.  All the scenarios were developed by Bob Lauder who also supplied 95%+ of the 4,700 Figures.

The camp of the British Cavalry Division
On the first day there was a choice of 4 tables with differing scenarios.   Each of the players played 3 games on a different table.  The scenarios were a naval landing at Kerch, a cavalry action at the Bulganak, an attack on 3 Causeway Redoubts at the start of Balaclava and the Traktir Bridge part of the Battle of the Tchernaya River. I played the first 3 scenarios as a Russian coming out with a draw at Kerch, victory at the Bulganak and a resounding defeat at the Redoubts were we failed to take a single redoubt in 18 turns play.

The Mighty Kerch Fortress - provided by Charles Grant - a superb Ian Weekly model.

The Bulganak - my cavalry drive back the Light Brigade commanded by Charlie Grant

The Redoubts - another failed assault

On the Sunday we played a single big game – a version of the Battle of Balaclava with the main Russian forces crossing the heights.  The table was 18ft by 16ft with an 8 ft cutaway in the middle.  My role was as Major General Gribbe commanding the left flank flank column which started the game having just occupied Kamara to the west of the Tchernaya River.  From there my force advanced on Balaclava whilst the main forces on the right were overcoming the doughty Turks holding the redoubts on the Causeway.   The 93rd the Thin Red Line moved to reinforce the defenders of Balaclava and meet my advance.  I threw my Uhlans against them and succeeded in driving them back twice but my unit was then shattered and broke under the fire of the 93rd supported by guns from Balaclava.

Part of the Russian Main force advancing on the Causeway

My Composite Uhlans charge home on the Thin Red Line commanded by Charlie Grant
My 3 infantry battalions supported by 2 batteries engaged the Balaclava garrison and broke the 2 British units holding the defences – an unexpected success.  However I could not exploit the success as masses of Turks moved into the town to replace the broken units. 

Infantry columns face the defences of Balaclava now manned by the Turks
The main attack to the right finally broke thru the redoubts and engaged the British and French who had arrived from their encampments.  The brave attacks of the Russian centre could not break thru and the Allied numerical superiority was beginning to tell.  At that point the game ended.  It was judged by the scenario author Bob that the Allies were the winners.
It was an enjoyable weekend and the rules adapted from the Kevin Calder’s ACW rules worked well and were easily picked up by all the players.   My thanks to Kevin who acted as the hard working rules umpire and Bob who provided the inspiration and organisation for the very enjoyable scenarios..  All my photos with brief descriptions are on Flickr at


  1. Wow !
    Very impressive, thanks for sharing.
    Do you have a link to Kevin Calder’s ACW rules ?
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  2. Very impressive game! Love the fortress.

  3. Stunning pictures and minis, love the terrain as well...

  4. Not enough photos of the game winning Turks!

    1. Dave - Lots of photos of the over-rated Turks on Flickr.