Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Dave Paterson, Dougie Kirby and I played the game out over three 3 to 4 hour sessions.  Dave commanded the Russians and Dougie commanded the French while I supported Dougie commanding the French left wing and also umpired.  I have added this game to my blog scenario pages

2 French brigades engage the Russian first line around Ailles.  Note the fence lines are merely scenic.
The villages of Ailles and Plaissy the anchors of the Russian 1st line proved to be formidable obstacles to the French advance.  This was not helped by some truly appalling command rolls that repeatedly held up the French cavalry brigades and then later delayed any serious attack on Plaissy for 4 turns.  The main struggle was over this Russian first line which was reinforced by the 2nd line infantry and cavalry.   The French were lucky in that their first 2 Young Guard brigades proved to be regulars and not Marie-Louises.

Game map
Ailles finally fell late in the afternoon.  By this point the survivors of the Russian first line and second lines except for the garrison of Plaissy had withdrawn to regroup behind the steady third line formed up near Bovelles Farm.  The French managed to take the farm but a final attack in the gathering gloom by the old Guard was held by the Russians who were counter-attacking Bovelles Farm.

View of the action versus the Russian first line - second line have moved to support

In the gathering gloom at 6:30pm the Old Guard go in......the farm fell to the Young Guard
At the end of the 3 game sessions we had played thru the complete day and at sunset both sides were still engaged with the Russian line holding strongly.    So it was a Russian victory.  In all after 14 turns of play the Russians had lost 7 units and the French 5.  At their lowest point the French had 3 broken brigades.

I hope to replay the game again soon.
End position -French right flank - the farm has fallen but the Russians are counter-attacking
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  1. A fantastic looking game Bill and an interesting AAR!


  2. Going to PA for work will hopefully get the folks there to play some of your scenarios! Using BP or Empire 5

  3. Great report and photos Bill!

  4. Great looking game, your armies are so impressive!!

  5. Thanks a lot for this. Our local group will do a refight of this battle using your scenario.
    Great stuff (and thanks for posting it on the Warlord Forum).

    1. Hope it goes well for you all. Enjoy the game.