Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I was away at the weekend at Kirriemuir in Angus for a 28mm WWII Bolt Action event.  Over the 2 days 9 gamers attended from the LOGW.  All the scenarios were developed by Colin Jack who also supplied the troops for the more obscure campaigns.
Vichy airpower over Syria
On the first day we had a choice of 5 scenarios:
Winter War Finland 1939
Ardennes 1940
Syria 1941
Berlin 1945
Manchuria 1945

Our intention was that everyone tried to play 3 games.  I umpired and helped out with the rules in the first round of games.  That restricted me to 2 games - Berlin 1945 and Manchuria 1945.  My Soviet army defeated the fascists holding out in the ruins of Berlin and my Japanese force more than saw of the Soviet attack in Manchuria – there were only 3 Red Army troops left at the end.  Bolt Action Japanese are very effective – fanatics with very large squads.

Soviet troops in the white wastes of Finland
On the Sunday we played 3 possibly linked games.
A central game with a British force struggling with e Germans over a French village. 
An allied attack across a river to capture a secret lab from which the Germans were Evacuating equipment and scientists.

A German attack on an allied rear echelon supply, repair and hospital area.

Berlin 1945 layout - before the fighting started
I played the British in the combined attack on the German secret lab.  It proved heavy going as the allies lost 7 infantry squads and 4 tanks to German losses of approximately 15 figures.  Almost all the German scientists and trucks escaped.

It was an enjoyable weekend and the rules worked well again and were easily picked up by the new players.   All my photos and those of Colin Jack are on Flickr at

Herr Flick of the gestapo and Helga at the secret lab. Note the security squad - those lucky scientists.

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  1. Again real nice tables Bill! I just recently played my first game of Bolt Action and thought it was great!