Friday, March 22, 2013

More Napoleonics

I have continued to work away on my Napoleonic collection.  As I wrote before I ordered the Elite 6Pdr guns to re-equip my Russian foot batteries.   I have now painted up all the new guns.  In the photo below the crew figures are by Foundry which I bought ready painted from South Africa -  I added some more shading and rebased tem.
Russian 6pdr Foot battery
Liking the Elite guns I also ordered French 6pdr guns to re-equip my French horse artillery batteries which had the small Foundry and Hinchliffe 4pdr guns.  The Guard battery has Elite crews and the line battery crews are Foundry.    The crew figures were painted by Reinforcements by Post in Bangladesh as a commission whilst I painted the gun models.   I  have now ordered some 12pdr guns from Elite to replace the Foundry models in my Russian heavy foot batteries.
French Line 6pdr horse battery

French Guard 6pdr horse battery
I have also continued my work on the plastic tents from Renedra.   Having shown the ridge tents here is a photo of the bell tents on a 60mm round edged MDF base from Warbases.   I must say that all deliveries from Renedra have  been very prompt.
Renedra bell tents


  1. Hi Bill

    All you need do now is to find an army and crews that will utilise your small Foundry and Hinchliffe 4pdr guns.


    1. Jim

      I sold the Hinchliffe and Foundry guns on funded the new ones.


  2. Very nice looking Russian artillery, and great tents too!

    1. I am very pleased with the tents. Relaxing therapy working on them. I have been selling pairs of them on ebay. Painting more at the moment....