Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Over the past 2 weeks I have been getting back into wargaming.  Last weekend I took part in a 12 player 2 day Hail Caesar game.  I will write a separate report about that big game at a later date once I have got my Flickr account reorganised.  I am recovering from a  virus attack which wiped out my PC.

This Saturday I helped with the SESWC display game for Albanich the Wargames show in Dumfries.  The display, figures and all the supporting material were from the collection of Colin Jack.  It was a 28mm game of an action in the Russo-Japanese War.  There was enough interest in the display to keep us from playing the game to a conclusion.  Still lots of questions about Colin’s faux fur battle mat which I used for our AWI display at Albanich in 2012.
Russo-Japanese war game.....
The host Dumfries club put on a very good looking FIW Muskets and Tomahawks game.  The West Coast wargamers – from the west coast of Cumbria – put on an impressive 28mm Bolt Action game based the Crossing of the River Bug scenario in the RapidFire Eastern front scenario book.  I have played that scenario myself in 20mm with RapidFire.

FIW - Indian allies land rom the river

PZIII explodes on the Soviet mines
There seemed to be more traders as Albanich this year.  It is a relatively small show but it definitely seemed busier this year than last year.  It was great to speak to so many people at the show.  Overall it was a good relaxing enjoyable day and I will be back next year.

On the Sunday another team of members from my club, the SESWC, put on a display at the Vikings Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Museum.   Link to their report here.



  1. Gotta say the FIW game looks impressive!!

  2. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for using the word 'impressive' in your description of our game. There is an AAR for it on my blog if you are interested:


    Also on there (if you look around) are some posts about making the various bits of the terrain.


  3. Bill - glad your back sorry to hear about your Computer getting wiped - not a fun ordeal i am sure. Tell Colin I said Hello.
    David VFW
    PS - got an email from Angus some interesting modifications from a SESWC AWI game of BP

  4. Happy to hear your wargaming again and as ever wonderful looking games.