Sunday, November 25, 2012


I was away on Saturday at the Manor House hotel at Lundin Links  in Fife for a large scale 28mm Napoleonic game.   It was played by 9 gamers from our AB1 group, largely members of the SESWC,  and was a refight of Lutzen 2 May 1813.  This time we decided to try to play our big game at Lundin Links in a single day rather than having a 2 day event.

The first Prussian attack on Gross Gorshen
The rules used were Black Powder with the revised  turn sequence. It was great fun with lots of troops but not to many to prevent some manoeuvring on the table.  We played the game from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM with a 45 minute lunch break and a couple of coffee breaks.  In that time we played 10 turns  each one being 30 minutes of game time starting at 11:30 am and our last turn was the 4:00pm one.  The game was still in the balance at the end but is was certainly beginning to go the way of the French..

Russian cavalry charge disordered square of Marie Louises - who broke them
We fielded 112 infantry battalions, 33 cavalry regiments and 45 guns - an approximate total of 3,500 figures.  The French had a marked superiority in numbers of infantry with 14 more battalions whilst the allied Prussians and Russians had more than twice as many cavalry and 50% more guns.   The allies also had a marked qualitative advantage as 22 of the French battalions were low quality Marie Louises. The table we used was 16ft long by 10ft wide.

I have added a separate page to the blog with more information on the scenario with the OB, game rules, deployment limits and troop ratings etc.

More of my photos with descriptions at

For a  full account of the how the game played with more photos see Angus Konstam’s excellent site at

9th Division engages Yorck's Corps with Russian guard to left

French guard lancers attack Blucher's worn down command


  1. WoW! Now that's wargaming! I'd love to partake in a game of that size.


  2. Bill what stats/special rules etc did you use for the troops on both sides please. Peter

    1. Peter
      I have added a file with the stats for the troops in the files section of the Yahoo Group forum. In addition my scenario page on this blog for the game gives a note of the useful rules and other special rules used.

  3. Thanks Bill-I printed off your file on the yahoo group.What stats would you give prussian landwehr infantry/landwehr cavalry/prussian reserve infantry

    1. As a quick fix I would do the following:
      Prussian landwehr infantry - the same as the French Marie Louises on the file possibly also unreliable.
      Landwehr cavalry - light cavalry with 5 hits, morale 5+, Unreliable, Levy 3+ and however armed they are not lancers.
      Prussian Reserve infantry - as line infantry but with morale 5+. By 1814 I think they would be the same as the first 12 regular regiments.