Thursday, April 23, 2020



After a question on the TGG Friends Group I thought I should clarify these rules.  This applies to command figures – brigadiers and higher ranking officers.  We are using the rules set out at page 74 of the BP2 book.

Importantly these figures cannot be individually targeted by shooting or attacked in hand to hand combat.  

If they are displaced by a moving enemy unit and there is no friendly unit within a normal move then they fall casualty.  This is very rare in fact I have never seen it happen.

They are only really at risk if they have joined a unit – either by giving a successful Rally or Follow me Order when they must join the unit involved or by being displaced to a friendly unit by enemy unit movement.  They are considered attached to the unit until the start of their next turn.

If the unit is destroyed then the commander is also removed.

If the unit suffers excess casualties (i.e. over their shaken level) due to shooting or hand to hand combat roll a dice for each excess casualty - any score of 6 results in the commander being removed as a casualty.


There is no rule in BP2 about what happens when a commander becomes a casualty.  The convention we have used in previous games which we are using for TGG is that they are replaced by a substitute at the end of their side’s next movement phase.  This substitute has a command level 1 less than the original commander (usually 8 down to 7).  They are a less experienced subordinate or possibly a favoured nephew.

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  1. This is one of my pet dislikes about BP , played as in the book you hardly ever get General casualties . I play a lot of ACW and Officer casualties where very high historically , so I have a rule that if a Brigade takes a casualty I roll a couple of dice to see if their Commander is hit - 12 on 2D6 at 18", 11 and 12 at 12" , 10 11 12 at 6" . There is a rule for replacing commanders in the ACW campaign book I think .