Sunday, March 1, 2020


An apology I had switched on moderation of comments but somehow the system had changed over time so that it was not sending me any notifications.  I wondered why I had not seen any for a long time - now I know why.  I have adjusted the settings in blogger.

Just worked thru and approved 4 years worth of comments!!  I will try to  provide some very late responses to your questions.  My background task for the next few weeks.

Thank you all for the positive comments.  I am still an enthusiast for Black Powder as you can see in my latest Reichardtswerben game report.  I generated some fans for 75mm Wild West games using Playmobil.  I have bought more props for the wild west - including a water tower, railway depot, ranch and goldmine and these will be seen at some shows in 2021.  Should I buy the school house?  Some bargains in the Playmobil Accessories website at the moment.

Once again my apologies to everyone who commented.....


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