Thursday, February 27, 2020


On Wednesday Donald Adamson, Colin Jack and I played the second scenario from Warlord’s Campaign D-Day: Overlord book.  The game was staged in my garage and the centre point was the massive 4Ground Pegasus Bridge.  I have been given this to sell on eBay.  Scenario 2 is the initial British glider Coup de Main to capture the bridge.  I umpired, Colin commanded the British and Donald the surprised German defenders.

We used Bolt Action and it was a British triumph, Colin losing only 3 figures to take the bridge.  They had one fatality more than in the historical action.   The British veterans emerged from their safely landed gliders and at short range made fairly quick work of the on table dug-in Osttruppen.  This was the first time we have used the BA night fighting rules including the flare option.
During the game we had a power cut of half an hour – luckily endless candles were provided by Mrs Gilchrist - and play continued.  Here is a link to all my photos:

We will use this layout again – scenario 3 ‘Taking the West bank’ beckons. ….if I still have the bridge.

Here is the OB
Major Howard and companion
2nd Lieut and companion 
4 Para Sections of 2 SMG, 4 Rifles, Lmg
2 Sections of Royal Eng with SMG, 4 Rifles
3 Horsa Gliders – there must be no more than 2 sections and an officer in each glider.  Glider rules pg 200
Note - All Brits are Veterans and Stubborn.


On Table
5 Inexp MMGs
2 Osttruppen squads (Shirkers) of SMG, 6 Rifles
1 Inexp Med AT gun in Vt600
1 Bunker
Note - All on table units start with 1 pin marker.

In reserve on west side of bridge
Reg 2nd Lieut and 2 companions
2 Osttruppen squads (Shirkers) of SMG, 6 Rifles
Layout setup before the action

Glider 1 bursts thru the barbed wire

Major Howard opens up with his sten.  Take that Gerry!

Yes this is night time - Colin and Donald survey the scene

2nd section climb the bridge

German commander attempts to surrender to Major Howard.  Sorry sir I thought he was reaching for his gun!

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