Friday, March 1, 2019


Here are some photos of the latest addition to my Black Powder Napoleonic collection.  It is a 4 gun Prussian 12pdr battery from Elite Miniatures and were painted by Kevan Bowman then based by me.  I really like the Elite gun models and they make up the bulk of my Prussian, Russian and French artillery.

They will be taking the field first at the AB1 Leipzig refight in Fife at the end of March and later at the massive Waterloo Uncovered game in Glasgow in June.

I have put in photos showing some stages in my basing technique.
The completed unit - 3 12pdrs and a howitzer - without the 2 gun movement trays

Basic  level - model railway ballast with main coat and dry brushed highlights

Javis static grass added

Last stage - 2 sizes of grass tufts added


  1. Very nice looking batteries, Bill. Can you give me more info about the Leipzig game? Where and when you guys are fighting it and, if I wasn't working that day, could I pop along to have a look-see?

  2. Hello, where is the Leipzig battle in Fife and is it open to the general public?

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