Thursday, February 7, 2019


Last weekend I went down on the Falkirk District Wargames Club coach trip to the Vapnartak wargames show held at York Race Course in York.  Once again it was an enjoyable outing to my first show of the year.  Here are some photos of the display and PP games at the show.  I only made one purchase at the show - a load of movement trays for my BP Napoleonic troops from Martin at Warbases.
Overall the show seemed quieter than last year.

Competition table - good looking terrain

Competition table - more good looking terrain

Wings of War Vs Martian tripods

The Beagle of the Ninth!

Palestine 1917/18

Indiana Jones - love the bomber!

ECW the Queen returns to Bridlington

ECW the Queen returns to Bridlington

Happy Trader



  1. Good picture of Robin, a happy trader.

    1. Yup he came up to Garvald for the Korean War game this month.