Sunday, August 5, 2018


This Saturday I was at Claymore 2018 held in the Granton Campus of Edinburgh College.  I was busy as a member of the Gothenburg Gamers putting on our Suez 1956 PP game.  The concept, figures and terrain were all provided by Colin Jack.  The display won 3rd place in the judging for the best PP competition.

We were joined by a veteran Mr David Gray of Edinburgh  who served with 1st Para at Suez.  His battalion landed on the beaches whilst 3rd Para made the airdrop.  He brought along a great collection of memorable of the action - photos, newspaper reports, rules of engagement etc.  He seemed to enjoy his first exposure to wargaming and wargamers.

It was a good show –  I met lots of my acquaintances and chatted with people about the game, Bolt Action rules and history of the Suez Action and also about the forthcoming The Great Game (mammoth Waterloo refight) in Glasgow next June. I took some photos so here are a few of them.   My only buy was some mdf bases from the team at Warbases and I almost forgot to collect them as I was enjoying my time at our game.

Link to all my photos of the show on Flickr

Suez 1956 - the PP game - supporting material - the map case actually has a map of Suez.

Tim showing of the new group banner - and the official rig for the day

Suez the harbour

Thule Gamers - a very large Bridge too Far like game

Durham - 42mm Cossack host versus the Ottoman Empire

Mars the Red Planet?

The Iron Brigade - Zorndorf refought in 1813

Carry on Up the Khyber - another great Leuchars PP game

League of Augsburg - grand Napoleonic game

Kirriemuir - A German city square April 1945 - 28mm Rapid Fire

Bathgate - Fantasy PP Game - King Grom is Dead

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  1. Nice pic of our game... the 28mm Market Garden one (Chris & Pat Brown and Thule Games)...cheers. Looking forward to next year