Thursday, November 2, 2017


In the past month I have added more troops to my Napoleonic collection.  These include a battalion of Russian infantry plus some Spanish Light infantry and Guerillas.  The Spanish were painted by my friend Kevin Bowman.  The Russians came painted from South Africa and I added some minor shading and rebased them.  This is my last unit of them as Richard who supplies them has finally run out of figures.  

The bases are from Martin at Warbases - the light troops are on 3mm thick 40mm circles the Russians on 2mm thick 40mm squares.  I use Javis static grass and Silflor tufts on top of model railway ballast.

Spanish Guerilla set from Eagle Figures

Eagle Figures early Spanish Light infantry set - one of 2 detachments

Russian line infantry - Rava figures.

Another angle - standard is from the Napoleon flag download


  1. Awesome job on the Spanish light infantry, I love these colors!

    1. Phil - thanks Kev did a great job on them. He has just finished the Eagle Figures French foot dragoons. I will put up photos of them up once I have them based later this week.