Tuesday, June 13, 2017


On Saturday John Perkin and I went to Methil in Fife where some members of our AB1 group were testing out new facilities for our big six monthly games.  The game the group staged was a fictional Seven Years War game – the Action at Fictionburg – using Black Powder.  The terrain was provided by Dave Imrie and the players brought along their own toys.

View from Schloss Fictionburg before the armies deploy
We had six players – the allied Prussian and British forces were commanded by Jack Glanville, Chris stone and Ken Pearce whilst the allied French, Austrian, Russian and German states troops were commanded by John Perkin, Dave Imrie and myself.  The battle took place on the river plain below the mighty Schloss Fictionburg.  The other commanders started with 2 brigades on the table with a further brigade in reserve.  I held back a 2nd brigade to see how the game developed.  Generally all the forces advanced to meet their opponents whilst my first German states brigade stood on the defensive on our right wing.

Troops deployed - Chris's Prussians await to cross the Fictionburg stream
Things went well for us at the start and by lunchtime John’s French on our left wing had pummelled Jacks Prussian infantry.  On our right my initial infantry and artillery decisively shot Ken’s British infantry (good shots) to pieces.  Our centre under Dave was under heavy attack by the massed cavalry of Chris and Ken.  It looked like it would be our victory. 

British cavalry charge an Austrian line

Sadly it all changed after lunch.  On our left John’s French lost all their cavalry to the 2 brigades of Prussian cavalry and his flank infantry brigade was forced to withdraw.  I lost 2 battalions to the fire of Ken’s 2nd Brigade.  In the centre Dave’s Austrian infantry were forced back by the enemy cavalry charges but the situation was stabilised by the gallant efforts of the Russian cavalry brigade.  They were outnumbered by the heavier Prussian and British horse but held them of with both sides having to withdraw shaken to reorganise.  At the end the game was judged to be a draw with both sides losing 10 battalions/regiments and 2 guns.

Action on flank - my troops in firefight with the British - my gun proved decisive
It was a fun, exciting game that could have gone either way fought on wonderful looking terrain.  Here is a link to all my photos on Flickr:

Situation early afternoon

Prussian dragoons crash into an Austrian line

End situation on our left flank - French infantry making fighting withdrawal in front of advancing Prussians

Anglo-Prussian command - Jack, Chris, Ken - pondering how they managed to draw!