Sunday, November 6, 2016


Played my first game of The Men Who Would Be Kings with Angus Konstam at the SESWC on Thursday.

I commanded a British punitive expedition which had to destroy an Afghan village.  My force consisted of 2 Sikh sections, a Gurkha section and a Screw gun.  Dicing for the leader attributes gave me a Hero of the Empire commanding the screw gun.  Angus diced and got truly abysmal leaders for two of his irregular infantry units.

I won by bombarding the village and destroying 3 of the houses.  Neither side lost a unit possibly because we misread the rally rules.  Overall an enjoyable game - leader quality and attributes are the key to victory under these rules.

The doomed village

The rules - enjoyable

Sikh infantry and screw gun advance

Gurkhas take the commanding hill

My infantry shooting dice - nine ones out of 12 dice

Screw gun smashes another house - well done Haveldar Singh
Angus Konstam has his longer account on his blog at

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