Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I was away at the weekend at Kirriemuir in Angus for a Gangster event.  Over the two days 12 gamers attended from the LOGW.  All the scenarios were developed by Peter Nicholson and Colin Jack.  The figures were supplied by various members of the group and Colin and Peter supplied the vast bulk of the terrain.
Docklands scenario

On the first day there was a choice of 6 tables with differing scenarios.   Each of the players played 4 games on a different table.  The scenarios were the docklands, the airport, a city centre, Mexican border town, Canadian Border and a backwoods moonshining operation

Nowhereville kinema
On the Sunday we played a single big game – set in the impressive fictional city of Nowhereville.  There were 6 gangster gangs and 6 law enforcement teams some of whom turned out to bigger crooks than the gangsters.  Each player was attempting to make money and achieve 2 secret objectives.  Mine were to rob a bank and kill a police commissioner.
Nowhereville airport
The first bank raid
It was an enjoyable weekend and the rules adapted from Legends of the West worked well and were easily picked up by all the players.   My thanks to Peter who acted as the hard working rules umpire.

Big shootout at the Bank of Baltair
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I am responsible for planning our next weekend meeting in March which will be a series of Muskets and Tomahawks FIW games.