Saturday, October 5, 2013


On Thursday I went to SESWC for a Bolt Action game with John Glass set in Northwest Europe in 1944.  The club and I provided the terrain, John provided his German force and I borrowed a Canadian force from Colin Jack.  We played the game as a simple shoot them up encounter game.
My initial forces attack - Sherman in bad state.....but still running
 The game proved a particular disaster for me.  My armour support a 75mm Sherman was hit by both German AFVs, a Panzer IV and a Stug III, and suffered 2 stuns.  It was then hit by a mortar bomb giving it a 5th pin.  Given this in the next turn when I next commanded it – the Sherman failed and withdrew and was then destroyed by the Stug III.  My M10 Wolverine came onto the table from reserve and knocked out the Panzer IV.  The M10 then started supporting my infantry sections advancing on the village buildings.  John’s Stug III did some fast movement along the road and quickly knocked out my M10.
My armour now ablaze.....
My problems increased in the next turn when I commanded my first infantry section they rolled 12 and fired into my 2nd section.  I then commanded my 2nd section who also rolled 12 and fired into my PIAT team.  In another turn my infantry force fell apart and when the game ended I had only 8 figures left on the table.

The victorious Stug III


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    1. Don't roll double 6s when testing for command. If it happens twice in a row you know it is not your day.