Monday, May 13, 2013

Carronade 2013 at Falkirk

This Saturday I went to the Falkirk Wargames Club's show Carronade 2013.  Gerry Henry presented his superb 10mm Nachod 1866 display as  the SESWC contribution.  I supported Gerry at the display.  I did not know so many people knew about the Seven Weeks War of 1866.

Nachod 1866 - Gerry surveying his terrain

Prussians pour thru the main street of Nachod
Other highlights of the show were the League of Augsburgs 17th century skirmish game, THEM from Bathgate Wargames club, The Wild Geese from Border Reivers – the latter 2 both being PP games. 

League of Augsburg - really nice terrain for their skirmish demo game

Wild Geese - airfield and DC3 in distance
 The outstanding PP game for me was the 1944 Pacific Carrier attack game by RAF Leuchars.  I really liked it.  The public got to play the attacking Japanese pilots...complete with ceremonial headbands.

RAF Leuchars attack on CV9 PP game and yes those are cherry blossoms.....

US Carrier awaits attack
 The show was busy.....I will be back again next year.
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