Thursday, October 25, 2012


I did not get to the SESWC last week as we were down in London visiting our daughter who has moved into a flat in Wimbledon. Having driven home yesterday I have now gone down with a bad cold and wont get to a game tonight either.

So this week I have added a review of the Bolt Action WWII rules from Warlord/Osprey as a page on the blog. This is a draft which I wrote for the review section of Angus Konstam’s Edinburgh Wargames page.

Once I can face the cold of my garage I will be working on retouching and rebasing 3 more regiments of Napoleonic cavalry which I have bought painted from South Africa on ebay. These will complete my 1812-14 French and Russian light cavalry commands.
Here is an update on some previously finished staff figures which I will use with my Napoleonic British army. I bought these nicely painted figures on ebay mounted on single bases and I have now rebased them in pairs as command vignettes. The 3mm thick MDF bases are from Warbases and the Silflor tufts were supplied by Mutineer Miniatures.

Wellington and staff

Lord Uxbridge and dragoon guard on foot
Stapleton-Cotton and ADC


  1. Hey Bill sorry to hear you caught an English mans cold - I was lucky in that regard though I think I would have preferred a cold to my dental pain for a month. Wish I had a way of selling you some nicely painted Elite Poles you would like the figures